The cloud native savings and investment platform.

Nucoro is the foundation for building the entire range of digital-first money management solutions at scale.

What we do

We enable financial institutions to deliver leading investment and savings propositions.

The problem

Customers are not getting access to the best financial services have to offer as financial institutions struggle to innovate, being held back by legacy technology.

The solution

The Nucoro Platform enables firms to build the next generation of money management propositions that give clients what they want and are easy to develop, launch and maintain.

How it works

A modular platform to create products your customers will love.

There's no need to wrestle with legacy technology to deliver innovative propositions. The Nucoro Platform automates the entire client lifecycle and is easy to deploy on its own or integrate with existing systems.

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Build client-first

Create the right solution to activate savers, convert savers to investors or acquire a new audience of DIY traders, because one-size doesn't fit all.

Deploy with ease

Our cloud native API-based architecture integrates seamlessly with your existing channels and core banking system or can be used on its own.

Innovate faster

Bring propositions to market at a higher pace with pre-integrated fintech solutions and development support for high code, low code and no code development.

100% cloud native

Implementations take months, integrations are simple and new releases are continuously shipped without downtime.


Redundant infrastructures, automated backups and rigid compliance procedures ensure the environment is always secured.

Infinitely scalable

Automated end-to-end processes power propositions that free up time to think about clients instead of cost of ownership.

What will you build?

Endless possibilities.

Nucoro gives you the freedom to build the right solution for your customer base, covering all front, middle and back-office requirements, as either a stand-alone or integrated solution.

Working with us

Quick time to market.

From our first conversation through to continuous platform upgrades, we support you in the creation, deployment, launch and ongoing maintenance of your new proposition.

Collaborative approach

We work closely with you to ensure you end up with the solution your clients need and want. Our expert teams guide you along every step of the way and share best practices for agile delivery to make your projects a success.

Strong partners

Our extensive network of partners covers all aspects of digital product development. They stand ready to get your proposition to market faster and help you achieve results quickly.

Made for developers

Our APIs are easy to integrate and provide the functionality and flexibility to build next-generation investment and savings products. Check out our Developer Portal and experience it for yourself with our fully functional sandbox.

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