Faster launch. Greater reach.

Leading digital products

The Nucoro Platform allows any financial organisation to build the next generation of investment management propositions, quicker and more effectively than ever before.

Extensible solutions

A modular suite of features and APIs reduces time-to-market and makes it seamless to create powerful digital experiences for existing and potential clients.

Tailor-made experiences

Create digital tools to delight your customers, empower your financial advisors and automate the entire investment process.

nucoro platform

Build digital investment propositions to provide better, smarter and more intuitive services to your clients.

Reach further

Design innovative products and services, delivered across web and mobile channels, thanks to Nucoro's technology and front-end components.

Integrate and scale

From brokerage to client relationship, we provide custom interfaces, features and integrations that can be added to a bespoke setup.

Increase efficiency

Attain the highest level of automation and manage everything, from third-party connections to front, middle and back-office tasks and business KPIs, in one single place.

Launch faster

Leverage the Nucoro Platform to build digital investment propositions in weeks, not years, while reducing development costs and efforts.

Built to be built on

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Integrated setup

The API-based structure allows all data flows, processes and notifications to be integrated into existing applications, databases or analytics tools. A key aspect when creating omnichannel wealth management services.

Modular architecture

Pick and choose the setup that is right for your organisation. Continuous evolution means that new modules can be added as they become available and new propositions become viable immediately.

Third-party ready

From KYC and identity verification to trading and brokerage, extensively documented RESTful APIs and implementation specifications facilitate connectivity to all necessary third-parties.

Toolkits to create beautiful client experiences

The Nucoro Platform comes with a complete collection of ready-to-use integrated front-end and native mobile components. Through a consistent visual structure, cutting-edge intuitive user experiences become the norm and not the exception.

Front-end components

Toolkit to build interfaces using HTML5 and JavaScript.

iOS and Android APPS

Full set of native mobile components using Swift and Kotlin.

Sandbox Environments

Development and testing environments including custom configurations and production-like sample data.

Enhanced UX

Complete Design System for UI and development teams, including ready-to-use UX elements and definitions of component behaviour.

Responsive UI

Multi-breakpoint design that adapts to multiple screen sizes and devices. Support for all last-generation browsers.

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